The Benefits of Marketing Analytics and How to use them

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Modern marketing is a data-driven process powered by analytics. Businesses don’t know if their marketing activities are delivering the intended return on investment unless they analyze relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). Marketing analytics are essential for assessing past performance and optimizing future marketing efforts. What is Marketing Analytics? In order to understand what marketing analytics … Read more

Time Management Skills for Successful Business Owners

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Let’s go back to 1997, it’s the time when NASA’s Pathfinder space-rover landed on Mars. After landing, it began transmitting images of Mars and sent those to Earth. But after several days, something went wrong, and the transmission stopped. Pathfinder was delayed and was not reporting in a timely manner. It was fully self-occupied and … Read more

The Power of Listening

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When I am giving some advice or helping out a client regarding their sales process, I often ask them how good their team is at listening. All too often, the owner or manager I am speaking with will be caught off guard and even wonder why I would ask such a question when I’m supposed … Read more

Top Three Reasons Cold Calling is Hard

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I have spent decades working with sales teams and I have made tens of thousands of cold calls. Throughout these years of experience, I have found that there are several things that stop people from making the cold calls necessary to grow their overall sales numbers. Today I want to share with you my top … Read more