Common Cash flow Problems and how to solve them

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Most business owners experience Cash flow problems. This blog post identifies the most common cash flow mistakes made by business owners and discusses ways to rectify them. Cash flow is the heartbeat of a business. It has many uses in operating a business and performing financial analysis. Cash flow refers to the net amount of … Read more

6 Ways Entrepreneurs can Cope with Stress to Boost Productivity

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While being an entrepreneur comes with the freedom to control your destiny, you also have to deal with enormous stress. This is because you are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and the outcome, which can adversely impact your physical and mental wellbeing. According to research by Judith Weissman, a research manager in … Read more

8 Tips to Strike a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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Whether you are an established business owner or a new entrepreneur, you know you are working hard to grow your business. The uncompromising and tireless “always-on” work culture can make it harder to strike a work-life balance. According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, 94% of 1000 professionals working in many business areas … Read more