Creative Videography

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Introducing Treston Southwick, a top-rated Videographer with all the latest Videography gadgets available in the market..Top-rated Videographer with all the Videography devices available in the market..

“A great video goes beyond your funnel metrics, if it doesn’t elicit emotions – make someone laugh a little, smile or feel something, it isn’t doing its job.”

Treston Southwick

Videos are a Great Way to Showcase Your Business & Ideas

Aerial Drone Video

Drone aerial videography is a unique tool and different prospective for any event, whether it be restaurant, real estate, corporate business. Drone footage elevates video — literally and figuratively in an unparalleled way. Between getting permits with the city, finding a licensed helicopter pilot and renting time with them, getting bird’s eye view came at a steep cost. With aerial drone technology, there is hardly reason to opt out of footage that will take your video to the next level.

Sales and Marketing Videography

Videography can also be used to drive traffic locally or your online store or website and help your customers make decisions on your products and services. Now days with boosting ad’s on Facebook, Instagram, etc. it’s a perfect opportunity to catch the eye of ideal clients. Potential customers are more likely to engage with your site when video is used. Video may include testimonials from clients and customers, but videography can also be used to engage, to educate potential customers and provide information on your business and what you offer.

Corporate Videography

Training Corporate video for your employees are essential. From the owner of the company all the way down to each employee the word is straight and it creates a strong foundation. Corporate videography has the potential to be modern, informative and engaging. Corporate video may also be used for new service or product demonstrations, client and customer testimonials or business event summaries.

Commercial Videography

Elevate your business with commercial videography. Live events, conventions, food, product, and even business meeting and events. Imagine cinematic shots of your company coming to life wherever you use it websites, YouTube, Instagram. Our specialty is in telling your story. We love bring what you have to sell or offer to life for millions of people.

Business owner/Employee spotlight Video

Bring your podcast to life with our professional podcast services. Two camera angles full podcast. Any location in the Las Vegas Area It doesn’t matter what type of podcast you would like to create or manage we have the expertise, equipment to do things right! Here are some of the services we offer
* Audio Editing
* Show Notes/ AD’s
* Professional Podcast Consulting Beforehand
* And more!

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Many businesses around the world are agree that Corporate and brand videography is helpful. When people watch videos they can retain the information longer and that is easier experience to remember rather than reading texts or go through huge bar charts or pie charts. Corporate video production makes visually appealing informations which is interesting and that can explain a product or service better.

Creative Development

With brand-objectives clearly in mind, our creative development process turns business briefs into fully formed ad concepts. Here, we want to build a collective dream that you can't help but see, hear, and feel. We work closely with all our clients to design and present multiple pitches for every brief, refine or revise them until everyone's excited, and then expand the selected concept into a detailed blueprint so everyone knows exactly how the final product will look - and feel.

Full service productions

From small docustyle shoots to large, complicated productions with hundreds of moving pieces, our production team is designed to scale up - or down - to handle any challenge, without dragging along bloat on the way. This means we can build a team best suited for every client's specific project, keep in communication as we attend to every detail to make sure our visions stay aligned, while remaining flexible enough so that we're not just executing a plan, but iterating and improving together as we go along.

Post production

This is Key and makes the difference from All other companies with sound, and visual effects vendors, we provide full-service top-quality finishing from rough cut to final delivery. We believe that the details really do matter, and when you work with us, we'll collaborate closely to make sure that they add up to exactly the final experience your content needs.

Creative Videography
Creative Videography
Creative Videography

From your dream to Reality

We offer full-service Videography. Here are some of our Camers


  • Cannon EOS R3
  • Cannon EOS R
  • Cannon 5D Mark |||

L Lenses Series kit

  • 14-35MM
  • 35-105MM
  • 70MM
  • 100-200MM

We use Drones to capture stunning aerial video footage which can provide a unique view of the location of your business.
In below some of the models of Drones, Stabilizer and Tripods.


  • DJI Mavic 3
  • Dji Mavic 2s


  • Zhiyun Crane 3


  • Lighting Light dome 2
  • Mic’s Rode 2
  • Saramonic interview mic’s
Creative Videography
Creative Videography

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