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Proven Success with TAB

For 30 years, The Alternative Board or TAB for short has helped thousands of business owners improve business results by sharing business ideas and experiences in unique business groups.

What is TAB

TAB Founder and Chairman, Allen Fishman, launched TAB close to 30 years ago. He found that his board of directors was invaluable to him throughout his career. But what about the smaller business owner? Where do they go for advice? These questions led Fishman to launch TAB’s first business advisory board in 1990.

TAB Business Advisory Boards provide seasoned, practical advice to forward-thinking business owners who are ready to take their businesses to an entirely new level.

TAB Business Solutions

Sales & Marketing

Increase Sales and Marketing Effectiveness. More than anything, sales and marketing can make or break your business.

Employee Issues

Get Advice On Employee Issues. All business owners must eventually face employee issues. Overall, they are the most commonly discussed topics in TAB Boards.

Partner Challenges

Let’s Solve Your Unique Business Partner Challenges. Ego, money, stress, monthly overhead and day-to-day expenses – business partnerships are a lot like marriages.

Operational Issues

Common Operational Issues Affect The Overall Success Of Your Business. In the business world, improvement is the name of the game.

Exit Strategy

It’s Never Too Early To Plan Your Exit Strategy. You came, you saw, you conquered. One day, the time will come to leave.

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Business Consultant Nevada