What is DISC?

DISC is the universal language of how a person does what they do. DISC is an observable language. Consisting of four unique factors, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, DISC measures behaviors of an individual.

Wish you could find a better job, improve your relationships or take your life to an entirely new level?

This detailed-report provides unique and valuable insight for an individual improving their chances for success in careers, relationships and in life by identifying behavioral patterns. These reports provide the information needed for taking life-changing action, regardless of which areas a person is looking to improve.

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Our popular DISC assessment explains “how” people do what they do in their daily lives. TTI SuccessInsights’ version of DISC uncovers unique insights about observable behaviors. This assessment is sometimes referred to as “the operator’s manual for employees.” DISC highlights specific behavioral characteristics a person is likely to possess, and is backed by research, making it a solid predictor of future behavior.

What Does the DISC Assessment Measures?

DISC is the universal language of how a person does what they do. DISC is an observable language. Consisting of fourunique factors, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, DISC measures behaviors of an individual.

  • D stands for DOMINANCE
  • Faster-paced, task-oriented
  • Direct Communicator
  • Impatient when overextended
  • “Stick to the facts”
  • I stands for INFLUENCE
    Faster-paced, people-oriented
  • Indirect communicator
  • Disorganized when overextended
  • “Talks with their hands”
  • S stands for STEADINESS
  • Slower-paced, people-oriented
  • Indirect communicator
  • Possessive when overextended
  • “Poker face”
  • C stands for COMPLIANCE
  • Slower-paced, task-oriented
  • Direct communicator
  • Impatient when overextended
  • “Stick to the facts”

How Can You Use the TTSI DISC Assessment in the Workplace?

  • Discover if the right people are in the right positions
  • Create an action plan to help employees improve, engage and advance
  • Enhance daily communication in all levels of the company
  • Minimize unnecessary conflict
  • Increase productivity and engagement
  • Maximize employee strengths and understand their weaknesses
  • Increase leadership influence.
  • Enhance company culture
  • Inspire team interactions
  • Understand yourself
  • Understand your Interactions with others
  • Understand how people are different and adapt for success
  • Sales effectiveness

What Does the TTSI DISC Assessment Do for Individuals, Pairs, and Teams?

For Individuals – DISC Personal Reports reveal a person’s “how” by analyzing natural and adapted behavioral factors. You may find these reports valuable for personal and professional development, hiring, and many job-related situations.

For Pairs – DISC Comparison Reports combine the DISC results of two individuals. You can use this report to identify similarities and differences between two people to help improve communication through understanding. This assessment is perfect for those looking to build a better relationship through informed conflict resolution and better insights about each other.

For Teams – DISC Team Reports visualize the results of multiple individual DISC assessments into one collective team snapshot. This report highlights how each individual fits within the overall team dynamic. It measures individual behavioral styles of each team member for discovering trends and for improving team communication and dynamics.

Why is TTSI & Peak Performance Partners the Leading DISC provider?

Industry Leading Reports – Modern report designs, insightful statements, and constant improvement on TTI SI offerings ensures that you and your clients are getting the latest and best tools to succeed.

Innovative Research – Our in-house research team is constantly working on industry recognized research, peer-reviewed studies, and scientifically validated assessment improvements, as well as conducting research in our in-house brain lab.

Comprehensive Tools for Success – TTI SI offers an innovative Internet Delivery System (IDS), our custom LEARN platform for certification and continuous learning and Knowledge Base, our constantly updating educational resource.

Core Report Features

  • General Characteristics
  • Value to the Organization
  • Communication Tips
  • Ideal Environment-Perceptions
  • Descriptors
  • Natural & Adapted Style
  • Keys to Motivating
  • Keys to Managing
  • Areas for Improvement
  • Action Plan
  • Behavioral Hierarchy
  • Style Insights® Graphs
  • Success Insights® Wheel

Type of Reports

Personal Reports – TTI Success Insights Behaviors examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job and the universal language of “how we act,” or our observable human behavior. These reports consist of one science: behaviors.

Management-Staff – General use.

Sales – Use within the sales workforce.

Executive – Use with individuals in leadership positions.

Team Reports – TTI Success Insights’ enhanced behavioral team report is a compilation of individual behavioral scores that define the culture,gaps and opportunities that can predict organizational success.


Performance Improvement – DISC can identify behavioral tendencies that can be used to gauge a person’s productivity at work.

Hiring – TTI Success Insights DISC assessments, when used in conjunction other sciences, help predict job performance and are EEOC and OFCCP compliant for use in the hiring process.

Coaching and Advancement – DISC is a cornerstone tool used by management consultants worldwide to help businesses thrive.

Personal Development – DISC uncovers key insights to help a person better understand themselves and areas in which they can seek to improve.

Strategic Planning –  DISC is a tool used by companies for helping employees to advance within a company or during restructures to put the right people in the right jobs.

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About DISC

30 million DISC assessments
115 countries and 48 languages.

Has administered over 30 million DISC assessments worldwide since 1984.

Distributed DISC reports in 115 countries and 48 languages.

Has associates doing business in 65 different countries.

people having a truly pure style of one single DISC factor

It takes about 8-12 minutes to complete a DISC assessment.

Only 28% of people have 3 factors of DISC that appear above the population mean.

While most people have a primary style, the occurance of people having a truly pure style of one single DISC factor is extreamly low D=.80% I=2.03% S=.56% C=.25% of the general population.

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