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What’s your vision?

You may be surprised to learn that your personal vision, not your professional vision, can have an incredible impact on your company’s value.

How can personal vision increase your company’s value?

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As the business owner, your personal vision is fundamentally tied to your company. Your dreams, goals, and desires directly affect your company. And the real truth? Your personal vision should be about getting you OUT of your business.

If you’ve not yet written out your personal vision (or if it’s been a long time since you revisited yours), set aside time now to craft one.Your vision statement should look about a decade into the future and, in 100 words or less, describe where you want to be. These are personal goals, so it can be anything from traveling for pleasure 60% of the time or retiring by 55.Doing this kind of personal dreaming can be difficult when so much of your time is consumed by running a business. Not sure where to begin? Here are some questions to consider.

• What does your ideal workweek look like?
• What intangible rewards are important to you?
• What beliefs or interests guide you?
• What personal achievements bring you fulfillment?
• What is your retirement plan?
• What is your exit strategy?

Now comes the harder part. How will you make these goals happen? How much money will you need? What changes will you need to make to your business to accomplish the goals? How will your team need to shift or grow?
As you can see, the personal vision directs the business vision—not the other way around. The personal vision is the destination, and the business vision is the map.

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